Welcome to Sylvania Natives

Est. 2001


Nursery Opens Sunday April 23 for the 2018 Season (April-Oct.)

We love propagating and growing native plants!

Sylvania Natives is Western Pennsylvania’s only privately owned nursery exclusively growing and selling quality local geneotype plants native to the region. We propagate and grow more than 80 species of perennial plants from local seed we collect in the wild. All of our plants are container grown outside naturally with the seasons.  All our plants are container grown outside naturally using sustainable green growing practices.  This means our plants grow outside year round with the seasons as they do in the wild.  None of our plants are grown inside.  We use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides so plants are totally keyed to nature’s cycles.

About Perennial Plants

All the plants we grow are perennials.  Each fall most perennials go dormant (die back) and then grow up again in the spring and bloom.  Some plants will bloom for any number of seasons.  Others will bloom for many years.  Many native perennials produce seeds so, in the right growing conditions, you may find new plants among or near the ones you previously planted.

SN Entrance


Come find plants for:

Home Gardens and landscapes

Parks, public Gardens and School Yard Plantings

Natural Areas, Habitat Projects and Ecological Restorations

Beautiful, Hardy, Healthy Plants for:

Colorful blooms, April through October

All growing conditions; full sun to full shade & dry to moist soil

Attracting butterflies and birds

Great looking, low maintenance gardening

Sustainable, ecological landscaping



We are a working nursery.  Our sales season usually runs from mid-late March through mid-October depending on the weather.

We accept payment by check or cash.

Our location is shown on the map. We are located on Ira Way off Shady Ave.

between Monitor and Birchfield in Squirrel Hill.

Hours: Sun., Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri.  Noon – 5:00

Closed: Sat. & Tues.